What an amazing event! Red Bull Cascade was at Solitude March 29-30, bringing together some of the world’s top freeskiers to take on a custom-built course made up of park features, natural booters, and big mountain terrain. Participation was invite-only, with 16 world class athletes showing up for both team and individual events.

Our local park crew joined freeski legend Bobby Brown and Red Bull to construct the actual course. Included on the Red Bull team were renowned park builders Charles Beckinsale and Brendan Dodds. Many of the features were hand built, meaning that crews were out on the mountain, shovel-in-hand, stacking and shaping snow. Other features, like the 65-foot kicker, were built with the help of snowcats, including ones brought in by Red Bull to help with the event. Features were built in our shop here at Solitude.

The Red Bull Cascade course began at the top of Powderhorn. It winded skiers through park features on Diamond Lane and Concord before launching a cliff into Powderhorn Cirque (yes, those cliffs). After navigating the bumpy, powdery Cirque, the course returned to groomed terrain next to Apex Express with a large kicker that was a thrill to view from the chair. Following the jump, skiers hooked into the moguls and zipped through the trees where additional features were waiting. Onward to Main Street, with a large rainbow rail and V-shaped wall ride.

Capping off the course was a 65-foot jump with dual take offs requiring a transfer landing. Viewing from Last Chance Lodge, guests were treated to all manner of big airs and tricks from world-class athletes. These athletes included Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy, and ten US Ski Team members.

Several of the Red Bull Cascade features are now part of our Main Street Soli Parks. New terrain park features include the wall ride and rainbow rail.

This competition touched all our departments here at Solitude, both on and off the snow. Thank you to Red Bull and the entire Solitude staff for making this event a success!

What’s left this spring?

Another fun event is coming your way this weekend – our annual Pond Skim Beach Party takes place on Saturday, April 13.

We’ve got lots more skiing and riding coming your way this season. We’re more than one week into April, and our base is still sitting at over 100 inches. This is enough to keep you skiing and riding well into May!

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