Summer is in full swing, our new adventure park is open, and we have broken ground on the walking path between moonbeam and the village along with the new beginner mountain bike trail in the Easy Street area. Gravity Logic is here flagging new mountain bike trails and mountain bike lessons have started.

The adventure park is coming together with the bungee trampoline in place and open. The climbing wall is on the way and should be here in the next couple of days. We have received final approval from Forest Service on the paved path between Moonbeam and the Village along with new beginner bike trails on Easy Street.

The update everyone has been waiting for… Gravity Logic is here and flagging trails as we prepare for our bike park buildout. Four new trails are getting flagged including a jump line, flow trail, some tech, and accessibility for adaptive riders. This will add 8-9 miles of new trails and expand our current trail network by 50%. We plan to break ground on these trails once the snow melts next spring. Once these trails are built we plan to open Moonbeam Lift for biking in the middle of next summer.

Summer events are off to a great start with Coca-Cola Sunset Cinema, Sunday Live Music, Yoga, and more. When the village lot fills up, parking on the road is allowed, however, all four tires must be inside the line, and parking is not allowed on the north side of the road. Additionally, when Link Lift opens in the next couple of weeks, it will be free for 22/23 Solitude and Ikon Pass holders to take up to the village from the Moonbeam parking lot.

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