Ski and snowboard lessons just for women!

Recently, I had the opportunity to join Women on Wednesdays, Solitude’s group ski and snowboard lessons specifically for women. A little about these clinics: They bring together women in the community of all skill levels to progress their skiing and snowboarding in a fun, inclusive, and pressure-free environment.

I’m a Utah local and started skiing about ten years ago when I was 18 years old. My stepdad got me hooked! He took me to his favorite hill, which was of course, Solitude. I have been skiing there ever since, and joined the ambassador team back in 2020. Since then, I have fallen in love with the community and mountain. Milk Run, Navarone, and Evergreen Peak are some of my favorite lines. I am always looking for more women to ski with.

The morning started with the women separating into different groups based on ability level. I joined the advanced clinic with ski instructor Karen. It was great getting to know Karen and the rest of the girls in the clinic. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging as we learned new techniques and improved our skiing abilities. We hit Powderhorn and Apex to work on drills to improve our skiing in various types of terrain. After a few hours, we went to Eagle Express to ski down Challenger and other steep lines. Karen continued to show me new techniques to help fine-tune certain aspects of my skiing that were holding me back. 

Women on Wednesdays: Group Lessons for Women
Our instructor Karen and our all-women group

Why women-specific lessons are so important

It’s so important to have group ski lessons like this for women to feel comfortable in a learning environment in a male-dominated sport. It takes the pressure out to be taught by women, with women in a welcoming, and friendly environment. Women of any ability should consider the WoW clinics! Not only are they a great way to hone your skiing skills (no matter your ability level), but it’s also a great way to meet other rad women in the community and make new friends and build each other up and share the love for our mountains with one another!

Multi-week winter and spring sessions are available.

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