Bring Big Cottonwood Canyon to your Next Videoconference with 6 Solitude Zoom Backgrounds

We all miss the mountains. But just because you’re working remotely, doing the right thing, keeping your nose to the virtual grindstone – you don’t have to survive without an occasional glimpse of your favorite Solitude Mountain Resort views. And neither do your coworkers.

Download instructions for these breathtaking backdrops are below. Choose wisely – and while you’re at it, post a screenshot of your Zoom meeting and tag Solitude on your Instagram story so we can share. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces in front of our dazzling scenery.

How to save these photos:

  1. Right-click on a photo below and click on “open image in new tab” (this will launch the high-resolution version in a new tab)
  2. Right-click and select Save Image As

How to add to Zoom (via Zoom Help Center):

  1. Go to Zoom Preferences –> Virtual Background
  2. Next to Choose a Virtual Background, click on the +
  3. Upload your new background from the location where you saved it


Did you know? Solitude is home to the steepest groomed run in Utah. Challenger is a black diamond run that can be accessed by Eagle Express, Powderhorn II, or Honeycomb Return chairlifts.

Use this background to jump-start your energy and hone your focus.


Did you know? Look, Ma – no drone! This classic image of Solitude was taken before many photographers had easy access to aerial setups, and our photographer had to take flight in a helicopter.

Use this background to set a tranquil mood if your team is under some stress (and who isn’t these days!?). Invoke the steadfastness of Fantasy Ridge rising behind Eagle Ridge to remind everyone that this too shall pass, and the mountains will be there when we return.


Did you know? Bristlecone pine trees are some of the oldest living organisms on earth. They don’t grow in very many places, but you can find these “wizard trees” at Solitude if you keep your eyes open in Honeycomb Canyon, Milk Run, Parachute, and Powderhorn Cirque.

Use this background when you’re ready to show off. Channel the casual flair of this stylish skier and strut your stuff.


Did you know? All of Solitude’s avalanche dogs are certified to work in search operations not only at Solitude, but throughout the state of Utah.

Use this background if you don’t mind your teammates’ being distracted by the unrivaled cuteness of Rio, Joni, Lumen, and Truckee.


Did you know? Snowboarding was originally known as snurfing – a portmanteau of snow and surfing.

Use this background for your afternoon check-in, when you feel like you’re on the downhill slide but still have a few tasks to shred.


Did you know? Solitude serves up a stellar après beach scene at Last Chance Lodge, Roundhouse, and Argenta Pub (rooftop – bonus!).

Use this background for your virtual happy hour. Tailgate not included.

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