Posted By: Nick Como, November 14, 2018

The release of ski movies each fall from the likes of TGR, MSP, and, of course, the venerable Warren Miller — now in its 62nd season — are a rite of passage from fall into winter.

Each of the aforementioned film companies has dropped this year’s flicks, and each will raise your stoke meter in anticipation of those first turns. In addition, here a few “classics” (in our opinion) we try to watch at least once each season. Some are free; a few are just segments; and others are available for purchase — plus there are a few that show Hollywood’s take on ski culture.

Powderwhore — Jason West segment in Flakes
Look closely and you will catch a few scenes of Jason skiing (actually, airing) at Solitude. One of the big cliffs at the end this segment is in Honeycomb Canyon, along with many of the powder scenes. View segment here

Warren Miller — Children of WinterView segment here.

Warren Miller — Playground
View segment here.

For a few years, Warren Miller (not the man, but his namesake production company) filmed in and around the Wasatch, including both of these films. I was lucky enough to escort a group early one morning into Honeycomb Canyon to get footage in the early light and fresh snow. Watching Jamey Parks point to a line off Fantasy Ridge he wanted to ski and explain exactly where he was going to turn and land to the photography crew boggles my mind to this day. I couldn’t even see a route one could intend to ski. Sure enough, Jamey ripped a few turns off the ridge, hucked a double air and skied out cleanly. I was amazed. Then, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa straight-lined Shot 5. That’s the hourglass-looking chute off the Honeycomb Ridge you can see from the top station of Summit Express. Most people make a few turns, speed check, point ‘em juuuuuuust long enough (like three seconds) to scrub speed to when it widens again for a few dozen turns to the canyon floor. Not Sage. Figure 11s the whole way.

Salomon TV – Freeski
Now in its tenth season, Salomon TV is what we binge-watch during high pressure.
Click here to see what Salomon TV as to offer. 

The Blizzard Of Aahhh’s
Greg Stump pretty much invented “extreme” ski movies. Along with skiers Glenn Plake, Mike Hattrup, and Scot Schmidt, this is the blueprint every current ski movies owes much of its existence to. Amazon Prime members can stream many of his classics for free: License to Thrill, Requiem in the Key of Ski, and Dr. Strangelove. All are mandatory! Click here to see!

Aspen Extreme
TJ Burke. Dexter Rutecki. Figure 8s. ‘Nufff said. See trailer here

Ice Spiders
I’d bet my last dollar you haven’t seen this sci-fi movie, listed here because much of it was filmed at Solitude, then blended with animation. It’s a must-watch

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas
We won’t mention Dumb & Dumber (ok, we just sorta did) but here’s a little-known fact: some of the scenes were filmed in Utah, not in Aspen. Jim Carrey’s other winter film, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, filmed several scenes at Solitude, standing in for Whoville.

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