The Amber’s update that mountain bikers have been waiting for is here. Construction is well underway on our new bike park!

A mile of trail has already been built, and the dirt we are finding is phenomenal. The Gravity Logic team has been great to work with and they have been getting very creative.

Not only is Gravity Logic doing the design work and building trails, they are also using sustainable build practices and teaching our team how to maintain the bike park for years to come.

This summer we are building a green freeride trail, a blue freeride trail, and a black technical trail. Green trails are generally wider (three to four feet wide) and smooth with mellow berms. Our black technical trail will be steeper and hand-built.

This is only the start of the bike park build that we plan to open this fall. No opening day has been set yet, but we do plan to offer downhill mountain biking off Moonbeam Express this fall. Once we open, we will continue to build trails over the next couple of summers.

For now, Krüzr, Queen Bess, Serenity, and Down & Out are open and are riding great. Starting August 25, we will shift lift operations from Thursday – Sunday to Friday – Sunday, plus Labor Day.

Summer Fest is right around the corner and will be full of great music, activities, and food. Aligned with Summer Fest, chairs from the old Eagle Express lift will be up for auction starting on August 1 at 12:00 p.m.

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