If you’ve been around Solitude for a while, you’ve no doubt heard of the FOGs. This is the group of festive Solitude skiers and riders you often see tailgating in the lower Moonbeam parking lot by Eagle Express. This area is known to the FOGs as Foggy Bottom. The FOG camp is easy to spot with its colorful tents and flags, showcasing friendship and comradery at Solitude, especially on St. Patrick’s Day.

The title FOG has several meanings, the most famous of which can’t really be printed here. Ask Crazy George – one of the founding members of the FOGs – and he’ll be happy to explain. He’s easily recognizable in his Hawaiian shirt and triangular straw hat. 

More polite meanings for FOGs include “The Friendly Old Guys,” “The Friends of Gary” (a reference to Gary DeSeelhorst). The FOGs picked up their name several decades ago when a patroller saw them partying and an offhand comment to them. The name stuck. 

One thing that bonds FOGs together is food. The FOGs are known for their excellent barbecue which is often prepared and consumed in the lower Moonbeam parking lot. Indeed, one of the key rituals to becoming a FOG is to cook a meal for the entire group. To be a true FOG you theoretically need to be over 65, but there are FOG trainees as young as three.  

The FOGs are not the only group of friends that like to hang out at Solitude. Other groups known for their comradery include members of the Women on Wednesday’s program and members of our Ski & Ride School. No doubt you have your own group of friends you enjoy riding the chairs with and cruising the slopes here. 

Solitude is a great place to make new friends and hang out with old ones. No matter our age, background, and ability, we all have one thing in common – a love of Solitude! 

Speaking of love, we’ve got more love from Mother Nature on the way. With so much snow this year, we’ll be skiing and riding well into May

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