Happy Pondsgiving from Solitude!

The Pond Skim Beach Party is back for its second season with an 80-foot long, three-foot-deep pool of ice-cold water waiting for our brave and flamboyant participants. After a what seemed like an endless winter with continuously stormy skies, the sun has finally appeared, welcoming spring to Solitude.

Our mountain ops team has done a superior job building out the pond. Our food & beverage team has a great barbecue prepared and our events team has lined up The Sweet Lilies for live music. Join us on the slope as 100+ participants surf the waters for fun and glory.

Before we get too festive, however, we want to acknowledge the hard work of UDOT and other entities that make events like this possible by keeping the road to Solitude open. We’ve had record snowfall this season with over 780 inches of snow falling on the mountain. That includes over 200 inches during March alone. UDOT has kept us skiing through storm after storm by plowing the roads, removing snow, and mitigating avalanche hazards. We respect their hard work and also respect the challenges faced by other canyon resorts this winter.

Our record snowfall has been followed by rapid warming which has created additional challenges, including wet slides in the canyon. To stay updated on what’s happening with the road to Solitude, follow UDOT Cottonwoods on social media. It’s the best way to get the status of the road and find out what plans are in place. We also encourage all guests and employees to take extra precaution when driving the canyon. Make sure to have plenty of gas in your vehicle along with food, blankets, water, and whatever other supplies you might need in case of an unexpected canyon closure.

Record snowfall has created challenges but also given us the opportunity to extend our season deep into May. We are currently scheduled to close on May 21, giving you plenty of opportunity to work on your goggle tan. Follow Solitude on social media and check out the calendar on our app or website for the latest.

P.S. watch Amber skim the pond:

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