One of the best ways to take a break during a nice day of skiing is to get some grab-and-go food in our lodges and then take a quick peek into our nearby retail stores — Canyon Fever — to look for gifts and gear. We carry a lot of stellar Solitude merch, grade-A gear, and some fun souvenirs to take home with you. Keep your eye out for these 5 great items next time you venture over to one of our friendly retail shops.

4D MAG Goggles by Smith Optics
If you’re looking for some new goggles, either to upgrade your old ones or replace the ones you forgot at the cabin, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from. These are the top-of-the-line goggle from Smith that we carry in our retail shops. The Birdseye VisionTM feature gives you extended peripheral vision to let you see more below you, which helps keep your head up instead of always looking at the ground. These goggles also feature Smith’s ChromapopTM lens to show you the contrast of the snow and tracks. This helps you see exactly what you want to shred. An extra lens for lower visibility conditions also comes with the goggle and can be switched out with an easy magnetic lens frame. With a protective case and a microfiber sleeve, these goggles will help take your skiing or riding to the next level for years to come.


Smith 4D MAG Goggles at Canyon FeverSquad MAG by Smith Optics
Similar to the 4D MAGs, these goggles also feature the Smith ChromapopTM lenses to help give you better visibility of definition in the snow. These goggles were recently released for the 20/21 winter season and have been a hit among skiers and boarders alike. The most highly sought-after feature on these goggles is the magnetic release on the lenses — much like the 4D MAGs. These goggles also come with a second lens for you to swap out on a day with lower visibility conditions like heavy snow or clouds. Even without the Birdseye VisionTM feature of the 4D MAG goggles, the Squad MAG lenses are still large enough to give you a wide view of the mountain. The Squad MAG goggles cost less than the 4D MAG goggles — so if you’re on a budget, these will be your go-to.


Smith Optics Squad MAG goggles at Canyon FeverStickers
Arguably the hottest item, or rather items, in our Canyon Fever retail shops are the plethora of stickers we have in all sorts of sizes and designs. We have dozens of small stickers that are perfect for collection on helmets, water bottles, or notebooks. We also have larger stickers that take up a bit more room on a helmet but work great on larger bottles, laptops, or car rear windows. Stickers are a fun and easy way to take home a bit of Solitude Mountain Resort wherever you go — so come take a look and grab a couple before you leave.


Solitude Mountain Resort Stickers at Canyon Fever

Gore-Tex Dakine Gloves
We totally get it: cold fingers are the worst! That’s why Canyon Fever wants to provide you with gloves and mittens that will get the job done. One of the features you’ll want to look out for is Gore-Tex. This revolutionary material has been breaking ground in the winter apparel industry because of its durable waterproofing and comfortable breathability. One of the biggest reasons fingers get cold throughout the day is wet gloves. Gore-Tex prevents water from reaching your inner glove which in turn, keeps your fingers warm for a longer period of time. If you’re looking to get a new pair, we have a quick tip: mittens will typically be warmer than gloves because your fingers stay together (just like penguins huddling in the arctic). Come check out some of these great glove options to help keep your fingers warm and your ski days long!


Gore-Tex Gloves and Mittens at Solitude Mountain Resort at Canyon FeverSolitude Tees
You can’t talk about our retail shops without mentioning any of our rad Solitude T-shirts. We have all sorts of options including short-sleeved, long-sleeved, fitted, and children’s styles. There are even different types of fabric blends if you’re looking for something a bit softer. Choose between a simple colored tee with the Solitude logo or an original graphic design for a more custom look with plenty of different sizes and designs. It’s safe to say we have the perfect pick for anyone who wants to bring home and represent their favorite mountain. Whether as a gift or a personal purchase to treat yo’ self, Solitude tees and apparel are always a great choice.


Solitude Mountain Resort Tees at Canyon Fever

Did you read about something you’re interested in? Feel free to stop by one of our various Canyon Fever retail locations at Moonbeam Lodge or Solitude Village to check everything out in person. Please ask any of our retail employees if you have any questions about sizing or availability. They are super friendly and ready to help you with whatever you need. To find either location, use this map to get orientated so you can easily find us. We hope you enjoy your time at Solitude Mountain Resort both on and off the slopes.

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